During our audits we focus on compliance with the applicable statutory, professional and ethical standards…

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Auditing services:

  • Audits of statutory financial statements
  • Audits of transformation balance sheets and inventories of assets
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements
  • Audits of financial institutions
  • Audits of public sector institutions
  • Valuations of contributions in kind
  • Audits of IFRS financial statements

During our audits we focus on compliance with the applicable statutory, professional and ethical standards to ensure that we issue an independent and accurate opinion as a result of our work that provides a reasonable basis for the users of the published financial information.

We provide our services pursuant to the Hungarian and international auditing standards and we discuss any material issues identified as well as the potential risks with the company’s management. It is important for us to establish close co-operation with our clients as a result of which we do not only serve them during the final audit following the balance sheet date but also provide efficient and high quality professional background to them throughout the year.

In addition to the statutory audit report we also prepare and deliver a detailed management report to our clients that assists the shareholders and management to make decisions regarding the company’s business.

We are broadly experienced in the field of transformations, including mergers (either by the formation of a new company or by acquisition), demergers (division, separation) and the change of the company’s legal form.

The audit may be complemented by the planning of the transformation process as well as consulting and capital structure analysis to support the transformation decision.

Audit Assistance Kft holds all necessary licences and qualifications required to audit financial institutions, investment funds and public sector institutions.

In the case of the valuations of in-kind contributions, our professionals provide auditing services to you regarding the company’s equity position, including any contributions of receivables and real properties.

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